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Main Features
Wear Plate Open-arc Automatic Protection Professional Welding Equipment---Wear-resistant overlaying welding machine is special processing equipment, with which composite steel plate can be formed by overlaying a layer of wear-resistant alloy on steel plate surface by open arc welding wire of high hardness .
Working principal:put the workpiece on the bracket, the welding arm installed with open arc welding head moves horizontally or up and down in order to aim at the welding seam, then the gantry frame walk straightly to weld seam automaticly, such kind of equipment can weld two seams at the same time.
This equipment is composed of gantry frame,power source, automatic wire-feeding device, circulating water cooling machine,water cooling platform, smoke purifier and so on.
Technical Specifications

Wear Plate Open-arc Automatic Protection Professional Welding Equipment

Technical Specification

Effective welding range


Welding speed

150 -1500mm /min

Welding head range up and down


Two welding arm stroke left / right


Welding arm lifting motor


gantry rail distance


Motor-driven carriage up/down range


Motor-driven carriage left/right range


Motor-driven carriage speed up/down left/right


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