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Main Features
Flange Circular Seam Welding Special Machine---Automatic ring welding machine for flange is mainly used in ring welding the flange to both end of the long and thin pipe. It is can efficiently used in the ring seam welding for pipe to pipe butt, pipe to flange butt, pipe to elbow butt welding.
This machine is used for carbon steel ring automatic welding , welding plate thickness range is ≥ 3mm, welds look beautiful, weld width, and seam surplus height is even. In the automatic welding process, you only need to give the switch signal ,it can continuously complete the welding seam welding in one time without intermediate stops. This will greatly improve the welding efficiency and obtain high quality welds.
Automatic ring flange welding machine is easy to operate, install, high quality, efficient welding process,can replace a large number of skilled welders.
This machine consists of ring welding host machine, gas welding power, precision welding oscillator (including fine-tuning electric pallet), electronic control systems (including multi-function Handheld), and automatic wire feeder.
Technical Specifications
  • Flange Circular Seam Welding Special Machine
  • Main Technical Data
  • Main spingdle speed:                          0.4-4rpm/min              (stepless frequncy contro)
    Main drive motor power                           0.75kW       
    Welding workpiece diameter:                  80mm—300mm            (optional)
    Max. workpiece rotating diameter :          300mm                       (optional)
    Chuck clamp diameter:                           80-300mm                   (optional)
    Welding workpiece length:                     ≤4000mm                    (optional)
    Workpiece weight:                                2T                            (optional)
    Fine adjustment extension unit distance:   200mm x 100mm          (optional)
    Support unit go up and down distance        120mm                       (optional)
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